Heroic wins ESL PUBG Masters

26 April 2021 - Heroic (Owned by Omaken Sports AS) won the ESL PUBG Masters Spring Finals after defeating 265 teams and secured first place prize of $12 500 and 200 PGC points. This great achievement means that Heroic is on top of the EU PGC point table and have taken a massive step towards the biggest global tournament of this year, the PUBG Global Championship 2021 (World Cup of PUBG). The ESL PUBG Masters Spring victory is Heroic's second major ESL triumph in just a couple of weeks, after the CS:GO team won the ESL Pro League in the beginning of April.

Joachim Haraldsen the CEO and Erik Askered the Chief Gaming Officer at Heroic, are constantly doing everything to improve the teams performance and have recently done a successful roster update to the PUBG team, replacing Finnish player Jembty with the up and coming Danish talent Beami. This together with strengthening the support team around the players have really shown great results. 

Winning international tier A tournaments in multiple esports genres will continue to strengthen the Heroic brand and establish Heroic as one of the leading esports organizations world wide. This will increase the marketability towards partners and sponsors, furthermore have an immediate positive impact to the organizations popularity towards esports fans all around the world.

Krafton, the South Korean holding company who owns PUBG Studio/Corporation, are investing heavily to bring a new set of tournaments to the competitive Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) scene. This is a part of their strategy to make the competition even more compelling to the popular and growing esports game, PUBG. There are four major tournaments this year where ESL Masters Spring was first up. Second are PCS 4 in June, ESL Masters Summer in July and PCS 5 in September. The 7 top European teams on the PGC Point table end of the season and the winner of PCS 5, will qualify to the PUBG Global Championship 2021 in November.

Krafton has partnered up with ESL for two of the four tournaments. ESL was founded in 2000 and has positioned itself as the world's largest company for digital and offline esports competitions. ESL operates high profile international leagues and tournaments such as ESL One, Intel Extreme Masters, ESL Pro League and other top tier stadium-size events.

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