Let’s finish this season with style!

We’ve had a 2 (!!) weeks long break from PUBG. It’s time to prepare for the Grand Finals of PCS3 and define our strategy. The coach of our PUBG team has made up his mind about the potential in the team and gameplay. We’ve also got some insights from the athletes about how they prepare for PCS3. This is unfortunately the last event of PCS for this year, but we can’t wait to finish this season with style!

What can we expect?

As usual we’re all curious about what the athletes have been working on since the qualifier and what their thoughts are about the upcoming Grand Finals of PCS3. We’ve had a quick chat with the coach of the team, Oliver “Ball1n” Santasalo:

- Compared to the qualifiers, the games are going to be more predictable about where opponent teams will rotate early in games. We should lose less players to other teams in the start of the games now.

The team and coach feels confident about PCS3.

- We’re a strong team against any of the top tier teams in the EU at the moment, we have a roster full of talented players so we can challenge other teams and get more control of our gameplan. Those are the two biggest changes that fans should see from us in the Finals, us being alive as a full team towards the end-game and Omaken being more aggressive in our tactical spots of different circles, says Ball1n.

Top 5, let’s goooo!

The results in PCS 2 were not as we hoped for. So what exactly are the goals of the upcoming tournament? The athletes have shared their thoughts about their progression.

- I think the main goal for us in the PCS3 Grand Finals is to reach back to top 5 since we didn't manage to do that in PCS2. Reaching it isn't that hard, it only requires more practise and fixing the issues that have come to us lately, says PaG3.

TeaBone adds some thoughts to the goals for PCS3. He has no doubt in the team, but he wants to make sure that there is improvement all the way to the top.

- I personally felt fine throughout the PCS3 qualifiers. At no point did I ever think we were not going to make it to the finals . We still have a lot of things and mistakes to correct, so that is the goal of the qualifier, not necessary finishing in a high placement.

Preparing for important tournaments

Does anyone ever get tired of insights from life as a professional esports athlete? Well, we don’t. We’ve got some small insights in preparation scrims for PCS 3.

- When we practice as a team, we play GLL’s. Individually we play ranked games with some other people from the PUBG community. This gives us all aspects of the game, which makes us prepared and ready for the PCS3 Grand Finals, says Vazku.

Do you practice a particular rotation, a way of fragging or anything concrete?

- We don’t really practice a main thing to get the results we want. We just try to practice our own game and fraggings as much as possible.

That’s all the juicy insights from our PUBG athletes for now. Thanks for reading! We can’t wait to see them play in PCS3 GRAND FINALS!! GG's

Everything you need to know about PCS3


PCS3 is a esport tournament within PUBG, where 24 of Europe’s Top Rosters are competing for the $200,000 prize pot and the canche to call themselves the best team in Europe!


The Grand Finals will be played on the following dates:




Livestream: https://www.twitch.tv/PUBG


Europe’s top rosters are fighting for the victory. The Grand Finals have 16 teams participating. Among these are teams such as Omaken Sports, Faze Clan, TSM, NAVI, Northern Lights and Digital Athletics.

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