Omaken Sports PUBG roster change

We have experienced a lack of performance from the PUBG team during PCS3. As an esports organization we need to keep our performance level as high as possible. The process of addressing the issues within the team has started and we are testing new players to get the right team dynamic. Omaken Sports’ PUBG athlete, Vazku, has been benched for the Dreamhack tournament.

Qualified for Dreamhack PUBG Grand Finals!

Yay! Our PUBG team qualified for the Grand Finals of Dreamhack. Even though this is an expected performance, it feels good to be qualified for the Finals. We have tested the team dynamic with test player “Naylup” in Dreamhack. He will be joining us for the finals as well.

The results we have achieved in Dreamhack is okay, and there’s no doubt that the team has some work to do. It is exciting to see that the team keeps developing, both individually and as a team. I would of course like to see them playing in an offline tournament and give them the high-fives they deserve during the matches, but that opportunity will hopefully become a reality soon. I’m proud of the results from the rest of the season, says Joachim “Noobwork” Haraldsen.

Dreamhack PUBG Finals schedule:

Date: 18- 20 DEC

Time: 18:00 CEST

B/O 18 games!! Let’s go!!

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