PUBG Continental Series

All of our PUBG live events have been cancelled because of the covid-19 situation. The developers have decided to replace the live events with online events. This means that our PUBG-team will keep competing with the world-class teams as they were supposed to for this season.

PUBG Continental Series (PCS)

PUBG Continental Series is the name of the replacement for our live events. The continents participating are: Asia, Asia-Pacific, Europe and North-America. The series will consist of three events in May, June and August. Even though the events are online, there`s still a substantial sum in the prize pool, with $ 2,4M USD across the four continents.

First event for charity

The PUBG developers are really doing a positive effort for charity in the new PCS series. The first event consists of a tournament as we are used to seeing them, but the difference is that the winner of the first event can choose a charity for PUBG corp. to donate $100K to.

We are really looking forward to the PCS tournament and we`re proud of being a part of such a community. Thanks for adapting quickly to the situation that changed all plans “overnight”!

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