Statement PGI.S

Dear Omaken Sports fans, we are sorry to tell you that we are excluded from PGI.S.

While 2020 has been a special year for most esports organisations, with online-only tournaments and travel restrictions, we are sure that our team deserves their opportunity to participate in PGI.S. Especially looking at all placements the team have had this year, in all tournaments hosted by PUBG Corp.

Omaken Sports have been in dialog with PUBG corp. concerning their decision, without getting a better understanding around the parameters used to define the final participants to PGI.S. We are, however, ready to make 2021 a year that will make the tables turn. We will also continue investing the resources and time necessary to build an even stronger community.

We are fully committed to PUBG esports during 2021 and will continue to fight to become the best PUBG team in the world.

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